Nancy Rich Photography

Nor'eastern Dinghies

All along the northeast coast, from Newport to Nova Scotia, there are charming harbors that beckon with names such as Sorrento, Friendship, and Roque Bluffs.  Dinghies are the mainstay of these harbors.  These small rowboats can be very rudimentary in design or works of exceptional craftsmanship.  Over a ten-year period, I sought to capture images that preserve the beauty of these now elusive wooden rowboats.  They are symbolic of the people and landscape of the coastal regions: hard-working, pragmatic, picturesque, and rugged. - My book, Afloat on the Tide, was published by Sheridan House in 2009 (ISBN: 978-1-57409-285-1).  It highlights over 230 photographs of the wooden rowboats that grace our north Atlantic coastline. 

Sea Sculptures

As if presenting a gift to the beachcomber, sea sculptures are ceremoniously delivered on shore at the whim of the wind and waves. Waiting to be discovered, they nestle in the sand during low tide, only to be uprooted and succumb once again to the rising, churning tides.  The power of the ocean's movements carves, trims, polishes, and otherwise transforms each piece.  With the right lighting and composition, shells and seaweeds present as stunning works of art.

Glass, Liquid, and Ice Capades

The three elements of glass, liquid, and ice are all subject to an infinite number of shapes and colors.  This variability offers me great latitude to express creativity and develop unique images. The bubbles and swirls inherent in liquids add dimension and motion to an image, even when frozen solid.  Depending on the density of a liquid and the movement of the surrounding objects, bubbles will form and move very slowly, or they will appear instantly and rush to the surface. In the right lighting, bubbles act as a mirror and reflect the colors of the objects floating around them adding a unique perspective. 

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